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This is Fenie Energía

Belief in our dreams builds the future

We were born out of the efforts of a great many individuals who believed in a dream back in 2008, which became a reality two years later when Fenie Energía was officially launched in 2010.

The dream was to set up a company capable of competing on equal terms on the energy market, made up of specialists serving the customer at their installations: the installation agents.

This was not only the dream of a group of individuals, but also the vision of an organisation, FENIE (Federación Nacional de Empresarios de Instalaciones Eléctricas y Telecomunicaciones de España), which served to make the undertaking a reality, for the good of customers and installation agents.

Fenie Energía Timeline

We began with the aim of being in a position to offer customers value and to compete in the energy sector through specialists, installation companies, familiar with the real needs of consumers.

Our origin, along with a part of our name, lies in the Federación Nacional de Empresarios de Instalaciones Eléctricas y de Telecomunicaciones of Spain, FENIE, made up of over fifty provincial associations representing more than 15,000 installation companies, who played a fundamental role in the creation and growth of Fenie Energía.
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Since we were founded, 2 March 2010 with 1,347 shareholders, we have ever since continued to grow, in terms of both our number of customers and shareholders, and by 2015 there were more than 2,400 shareholders, and over 1,800 energy agents making up Fenie Energía.

The future lies in our hands

Fenie Energía is the reseller setup by installation agents to offer customers an approachable, quality service

We constantly launch new products intended to improve our customers’ energy management. We currently resell electricity and gas throughout Spain, advise our customers on energy matters and propose energy efficiency solutions, based on personalised technical studies for each customer (monitoring of consumption and optimisation proposals, optimisation of tariffs, changes to lighting, reactive compensation…), and likewise have a presence in every aspect connected with electric mobility (installation of charging points, charging services, advice on charging point installations).

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    With a presence throughout Spain, thanks to our energy agents we have one of the largest commercial networks, allowing us to offer our customers a personalised service, so as not only to reduce their energy consumption but also their environmental impact.

  • All these solutions are always accompanied and offered by an energy agent with specialist training in all the products on offer.
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    All the training we deliver at Fenie Energía is channelled via the Energy Efficiency School, which trains installers as energy agents, so as to be able to offer the different acts they specialise in, which together with the experience of the installation company itself, makes them the best trained commercial network.

Our values

  • The trust that our installation agents generate in customers
  • The efficiency our customers enjoy.
  • The straightforward approach of the people at Fenie Energía.
  • Proximity between customer and installation agent.
  • Scale, as the largest network of energy consultants in Spain.
  • Transparency in the information provided to our customers.

Corporate Information

Fenie Energía S.A. is a company committed to sustainable development and continuous improvement. Faced with the present and future challenges as regards the protection of the environment and fulfilment of our customers’ requirements, Fenie Energía has implemented a series of Management Systems to achieve our goals of sustainability and service excellence.

All our Management Systems are based on standards of international validity, reputation and prestige (UNE-EN ISO standards), making the company a flagship organisation in such major aspects as the environment, energy efficiency and the satisfaction of our customers, who are increasingly demanding in terms of the services and products available in the marketplace.

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Become a shareholder

Join a great company, and add value to your business.

Become a Fenie Energía shareholder and form part of the largest networks of energy consultants in Spain.


  • Belong to one of the most important independent companies in the Spanish energy sector
  • Have access to the benefits of belonging to a great team, with discounts and exclusive offers (membership of the Shareholder Club).
  • Earn returns on your shares.

If you are an installation company

  • Expand your business through the sale of energy, energy savings services and the new products that are continuously being launched.
  • Enjoy professional support tailored to your needs.
  • Professional development as an installation agent, with training and periodic refresher courses to ensure you have the best knowledge possible of the sector and of regulatory changes.

If you would like to join Fenie Energía, request further information via the email address accionistas@fenieenergia.es

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