Electric Vehicle

ico_vehiculoElectric Vehicle

Forget the past and plug into the future
Do you know how much you would save a year with an electric vehicle?


Savings with Fenie Energía

How much CO2 would you avoid emitting into the atmosphere by driving an electric vehicle?

1664.40 Kg ¿?

*114g/km is the average amount of pollution of a fuel (petrol) car

If you have an electric vehicle and need to install a charging point, you can contact us.
We will advise you to offer the solution you need.

At Feníe Energía we believe in and are committed to electric vehicles, and so in April 2014 we, together with Renault, launched the “100% Electric Experience”, a project in which our energy agents travelled around Spain with a Renault Kangoo ZE vehicle. Would you like to learn about their experiences and opinions of electric mobility?

The numerous benefits linked to electric vehicles

  • ico_fuel Reduce dependence on fossil fuels
  • Maintenance is cheaper
  • ico_parking Mobility grants, free parking or charging, alternative routes and free access to toll motorways.