Energy saving


Are you surprised how high your bill is? Do you wonder why it varies so much from one month to the next?

Understanding how you consume electricity is the first step towards learning how to save.
Fenie Energía offers you an advisory service about the consumption levels of your installation by means of the Sigue+e online platform.
Using this tool you will be able to:


Want to know how much energy your plant produces?

With our energy monitoring solution, Sigue+e, you can obtain information about how your production plant is functioning. Sigue+e will let you:

  • Understand your consumption.
    Understand how your installation is consuming electricity at any given moment, set yourself objectives and predict your approximate bills.
    Check whether your main consumption is down to lighting, air conditioning, IT equipment, etc., and focus on saving energy through the devices that most affect your pocket.
    Receive a weekly and monthly report by email to ensure things do not get out of control again.
  • Optimise your electricity contract.
    Decide on the most appropriate tariff for your consumption… as you will be able to see which time bands account for the greatest consumption.
  • Reduce your consumption and improve the usage of your installation.
    Detect unforeseen consumption: if a tap is dripping it is very easy to see that you are wasting water, but when an electrical machine develops a fault or is used outside its time band you cannot detect an increase in consumption, and need a tool to visualise this type of loss.
    Keep track of your residual consumption and checking every day what you left switched on at night or during periods of inactivity.
  • Establish usage targets
    Programme alerts for excess consumption, excess power or reactive energy penalties, to notify you of unusual consumption by your installations.
  • Personalised advice from your Energy Agent
    Who will help you analyse and interpret the data obtained from Sigue+e


  • Informes semanales sobre el funcionamiento de tu instalación.
  • Saber cuánta energía produce tu planta (instalación)
  • Programar alertas para conseguir una mayor optimización
  • Avisos sobre fallos en la producción
  • Tener toda la información accesible en tu zona de cliente
    (fac. de representación, factura de producción, informes de producción…) y así tener un mayor control de la planta.
  • El asesoramiento personalizado de tu Agente energético
    que te ayudará a analizar y interpretar los datos obtenidos del Sigue+e



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    Did you know? about Energy monitoring

    1. How will I know if my installation is not producing as much energy as it should?

    By monitoring the generation output of your installation. At present, special regime plants can be remotely monitored, or if you would like a real-time image, you can use the network analyser installation.

    Once you have monitoring in place, the software allows you to set up alarms or alerts that will notify you if the desired output is not achieved.

    2. How will I know how to interpret the data obtained with the analyser?

    The data uploaded to the platform are simple to interpret. In the event of any query, our monitoring systems experts will swiftly clear up your doubts.

    3. Can I access my reports from any device (computer, mobile, tablet)?

    Yes. The reports not only reach you via email, as scheduled in the software, but are also stored in a tree format in the Sigue+e monitoring software, which means that the customer always has access to them.

    4. Do I have to be a Fenie Energía electricity customer to contract this service?

    At present, the monitoring contract is unconnected with the electricity contract, and so any customer, whether or not they have an electricity contract with Fenie Energía, can request a monitoring contract with us.

    5. Can I integrate my meter with the Sigue+e platform?

    Yes. Whether you have a remotely managed meter which sends information down the powerline (for power ratings below 15 kW), or if you have a remotely monitored meter (power ratings above 15 kW), where the information is extracted from the meter by sending a call to its router, the meters can be monitored.

    Meanwhile, if you want to see your consumption levels in real time, minute by minute, different metering devices can be fitted to the meter, whether optical consumption monitor readers or network analysers.

    6. Do I need to install any additional metering equipment?

    This depends on the information you want to obtain. Remote monitoring and remote management meters do not provide real-time data (you would see yesterday’s information today, and today’s tomorrow), and no additional equipment would need to be installed.

    If you want minute by minute information in real time, then you would need to install additional equipment (consumption monitors or network analysers).

    Another option would be to perform “sub-metering”, which always requires the installation of additional equipment.

    7. How is the service billed?

    If you are an electricity customer, the service is included in your electricity bill.
    If you only have a monitoring contract, an exclusive deal is issued each month for the service.

    8. How much will I save by monitoring consumption?

    Monitoring just the connection point, the average saving is 10% of your total consumption.

    With “sub-metering” (monitoring the connection point and independent downstream circuits), the average saving is 12%-15%.

    9. What is ISO 50001?

    ISO 50001 is the guiding standard for energy efficiency management (a standard created by AENOR).

    The standard sets out the operational procedures for energy efficiency at a company without modifying production, and explains how to continue generating ever greater savings.