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Committed to the environment and the social environment

Thanks to our network of 2,400 Energy Agents, our customers receive a friendly, transparent and professional services, which guarantees savings in terms energy efficiency and a reduction of the environmental footprint.

From the outset, Feníe Energía made a major commitment to caring for and respecting the environment, distributing energy and offering customers energy services and products like self-consumption and electric mobility, which reduce consumption and, therefore, the impact on the planet.

We represent small renewable energy producers in the market, mostly using photovoltaic solar technology, and since 2016 we also generate through the Ourol and Sorihuela wind farms.


Annual Report 2022. Sustainability Report


A Strategic Plan that reaffirms Feníe Energía’s historic commitment to sustainability and the development of our environment and establishes the basis for our important contribution to the 2030 Agenda and the Paris Agreement.

The 4 pillars on which the plan is based are the essential engine for the creation of value over the short, medium and long term:

UN Sustainable Development Goals

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) defined by the United Nations have the main objective of transforming our world. So it is set out in the 2030 Agenda and that’s also how we see it here at Feníe Energía. 

That's why we're integrating some of these SDGs into our action plan, driven from our spheres of activity:


7. Accessible and non-polluting energy

We distribute and generate energy and offer energy efficiency products and services so that our agents and customer can be part of the transition to a more sustainable economy.

MW capacity of the project under construction (next operation 2023-2024)


GWh capacity renewable Installed


GWh generation renewable represented


11. Sustainable cities and communities

We're working on this goal through the installation of public charging stations and self-consumption infrastructure in residential building, public institutions and large buildings like hotels and company offices, and the by supporting local businesses through the promotion of our installation companies.

€M invested in Energy Saving Services


Charging stations installed


Self-consumption contracts


Efficiency projects


12. Responsible consumption and production

Two of the main spheres of action of Feníe Energía are the production of renewable energy, both by us and by individuals through the installation of self-consumption panels. We also promote responsible consumption through efficiency studies, consumption monitoring and lighting facilities, among others.

Of our own renewable generation plants


Solar parks located in Albacete and Ciudad Real


13. Climate Action

Our model is geared towards reducing the carbon footprint. Through the generation of 100% renewable energy, we help reduce greenhouse gas emissions linked to energy generation. We also measured and compensated our Carbon Footprint and, as a result, we planted 190 trees, thus becoming carbon neutral.

Tons of customer CO2 emissions avoided


trees planted compensating the emission of 37 tons of CO2


17. Partnerships to achieve objectives

Feníe Energía was founded out of the largest ever partnership of installation companies in Spain. We have also built an extensive cooperation network with different organisations, companies, foundations and associations, with the aim of achieving a fairer and more sustainable energy model.

Energy Agents




Installation sector associations members of FENIE


Feníe Energía Foundation

A tool at the service of society, with the aim of helping to build a more sustainable world. All actions that define what Feníe Energía wants to add to society are articulated through the foundation.

We work around three areas of action

  • Social action: through which we channel the solidarity of all of us who are part of Feníe Energía with disadvantaged groups.
  • Training and employment: it is our commitment to contribute to strengthening our sector, improving training and work placement and placing value on the role of the energy agent as a key player in the energy transition and building a more sustainable economy.
  • The energy environment and culture: we want to get across Feníe Energía’s commitment to the environment and energy efficiency.



What they say about us

Our best business card will always be the satisfaction of our clients and collaborating agents.

Marina Cordero
I have been with this company for years and I am delighted. My installer responds directly to resolve incidents (I don't have to talk to switchboards). Very good service
Marina Cordero
he company for electrical installers in Spain. Very friendly treatment and assistance. It has minimum term contract and always in the hands of your trusted electrical installer.
Electricidad Cárcoba
Vannesa Fernández
I have been with this company for years, my installer responds to any queries; he has even called me if he saw that I was paying too much to change the tariff, at no extra cost.
I will stay with them
Vanessa Fernández