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Frequently Asked Questions

Many electric vehicle users question the need to install a charging point when they purchase their electric vehicle. There are several reasons why it is convenient and advisable to have a recharging point installed in your home:

More economical recharging
Currently, energy prices for public charging points can be considerably higher than homeowners' domestic tariffs due to the associated maintenance and depreciation costs.

Increased lifetime of the electric vehicle
Vehicle batteries degrade with time and use. By reducing charging times through fast charging, battery components are subjected to higher stresses and the lifetime of the batteries is reduced, resulting in a lower cost-effectiveness of the electric vehicle as batteries need to be replaced in a shorter period of time, increasing the associated costs.

Convenience and agility in recharging
Charging the electric vehicle at home is convenient, agile and does not depend on other users, allowing you to adjust charging to your usage habits.

The cost of charging depends on the tariff contracted with your electricity company, the battery capacity and the power used.

Displayed below is an example of the calculation for a residential consumer with a 2.0TD tariff and an average energy price of €0.20/kWh

Average energy price 2.0TD € 0.20 / kWh 
Consumption per 100km: 17 kWh/100 km
Capacity of typical/average battery for example: 50 kW 
Cost of recharge every 100km  € 3.40

If, on the other hand, you make the occasional charge using public charging stations in your city, it will depend on whether the charging point is managed privately and the rates they charge. The price is usually higher than what it would cost at home.

The charging times for electric vehicles depend directly on the power of the charge and the type of battery.
There are currently 4 types of charge:

  Normal charge Semi-fast charge Fast charge Ultra-fast charge
Max voltage 230 V single-phase 400 V three-phase 400 V continuous 400 V continuous
Max voltage 16 A 32 A 32 A 125 A 125 A
Max power 3,7 kW 7,4 kW 22 kW 50 kW 100 kW
Connector Type 1, Type 2, Schuko (10A) Type1, Type 2, Type 2 CHAdeMO, Combo CHAdeMO, Combo CHAdeMO, Combo
Location Viviendas, garajes privados, etc. Shopping centres, public street, etc.
1 a 4 hours
Strategic points on road Strategic points on road
Approximate charging times 4 12 hours <1 hour <30 minutes

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