Telemetering in real time (TTR)

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The best solution to obtain information on the energy generated by the production facility.

Necessary for plants or groupings with a rated output between 1 MW and 5 MW (for island installations the TTR is from 0.5 MW).

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In the Indirect Representation mode:

The amount of the invoice shall be paid within 7 working days from the date on which the CNMC settles the specific remuneration to the Feníe Energía. Approximately this occurs in the last days of the second month from the production month (M+2). For example, if the production month is January, payment would be made approximately at the end of March.

In the Direct Representation modality:

The amount corresponding to the Specific Remuneration will be paid directly by the CNMC on the same dates as in the previous section. The amount corresponding to the Market Remuneration shall be paid 3 working days after the date of issue of the invoice, in month M+1.

No. The market representation of an installation always starts on the first day of the month in which the request for change of representation is approved by REE, OMIE and the CNMC. The previous periods will always be invoiced by the previous representative, so you will not be unpaid in any month.

Title IV of Royal Decree 413/2014 establishes a specific remuneration system for electricity production facilities using renewable energies, cogeneration and waste. This remuneration scheme is composed of:

A remuneration term per nominal power of the installation called "remuneration for investment" Rinv (€/MW).

A remuneration term for energy sold called "operating remuneration" Ro (€/MWh)

In addition to the specific remuneration regime, installations would receive a "market remuneration", which is made up of the hourly sale of production in the market (pool).