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Our best calling card is always the satisfaction of our customers and partner agents.

Marina Cordero
I have been with this company for years and I am delighted. My installer responds directly to resolve incidents (I don't have to talk to switchboards). Very good service
Marina Cordero
he company for electrical installers in Spain. Very friendly treatment and assistance. It has minimum term contract and always in the hands of your trusted electrical installer.
Electricidad Cárcoba
Vannesa Fernández
I have been with this company for years, my installer responds to any queries; he has even called me if he saw that I was paying too much to change the tariff, at no extra cost.
I will stay with them
Vanessa Fernández

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The sign-up process is very simple. You can sign up online, quickly and securely. All you need is an email and mobile phone number for us to send an link to sign the contract.

Self-consumption consists of using the radiation that comes from the sun to generate electricity, which can be used for any purpose; i.e. the fact of producing our own energy is known as self-consumption. Any equipment or installation that consumes electricity can be supplied by means of a self-consumption installation.

When we talk about self-consumption, we’re talking about installations with an activated electricity supply and whose purpose is to complement the supply of energy provided by the solar installation.


We can't say for sure that it's the right time to replace your lighting, but it's certainly the right time to have a professional assess it and do a cost-benefit study.

LED installations are cost-effective and create a pleasant atmosphere for users and customers.