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We are a company with purpose

We are committed to a model based on the responsible savings of the customer, hand in hand with their trusted energy agent. A service based on efficiency and which places the customer at the heart of an energy transition that is necessary for future generations to guarantee their needs, demonstrating that another fairer, more social and more sustainable model is possible.

Fenie Energía is an energy company, created by thousands of installation companies at the country that provide personalized advice on energy efficiency through their Energy Agent.

We provide our clients the electricity, gas and efficiency services, such as self-consumption or electric mobility, with the aim of adopting consumption habits that help them save energy and use it efficiently.

History of Feníe Energía

Energy efficiency has been proven to be the most essential ingredient for the energy transition and this was clear for the more than 1,300 installation companies who provided capital for the creation of Feníe Energía, S.A. IN 2010, along with the National Federation of Electrical Installation, Telecommunications and Air Conditioning Companies of Spain (FENIE)

Thanks to FENIE, it was possible to realise the dreams of many people to create a company capable of competing on equal terms in the energy market, offering something that was never offered before: the most extensive network of professionals, experts in efficiency trained to give transparent and honest advice in a sector traditionally very complex for the public.

That's why the Feníe Energía strategy is to lead the energy transition from the bottom up, together with the professionals in the sector. The idea is to put the customer at the centre of this revolution so that that they are the ones to benefit.

Today, more than 3,000 installation companies form part of Feníe Energía and they are committed to a being part of a unique and differential model.

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