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Join the Feníe Energía team as agent or employe

Discover our job offers here. And if you have an installation company, you can become an Energy Agent.

Become an Energy Agent

If you have an installation company and you want to add value to your business, you have the opportunity for form part of the biggest network of efficiency experts in the country.

What advantages do you obtain?

  • You're a partner of the company so you're the master of your own destiny.
  • You’ll obtain permanent remuneration.
  • You’ll receive personalised support.
  • You can grow your business with new efficiency products.
  • You’ll participate in the energy revolution.

¿How do you become a Feníe Energía expert?

  • Become a partner of the company by acquiring at least one share.
  • Complete a course with two modules. After the first module, you become an adviser, with general and specific knowledge of the sector and efficiency products. Upon completing the second module, you become an Energy Agent with extensive knowledge of the daily commercial and operating system of the company.

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These are our job offers

Ingeniero Técnico Senior – Instalación Fotovoltaica

Teleoperador Atención Al Cliente (Indefinido)

12/ July

Ingeniero Técnico-Movilidad eléctrica. Infraestructura puntos de recarga.

12/ July

Ingeniero/Analista de Mercados Eléctricos

21/ July

Delegado Energías y Renovables en Zona Noroeste