Megawatt 2.0TD Rate

Price 3 periods

Designed for medium-sized homes with a contracted power of 15 kW or less.

This plan is governed by an hourly discrimination of three periods (Peak, Flat rate and Off-Peak) in the energy term, and two in the power term (Peak and Off-Peak).

It is the perfect tariff for those who want to take advantage of the cheapest times to save and, at the same time, be efficient in their consumption.

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≤ 15kW

Usual contracted power for a home

Energy term

P1 0,242023 €/ kWh P1 0,303976 €/ kWh P2 0,179857 €/ kWh P2 0,225897 €/ kWh P3 0,154096 €/ kWh P3 0,193541 €/ kWh

Power term

P1 0,069566 €/kW día P1 0,087374 €/kW día P2 0,002654 €/kW día P2 0,003333 €/kW día
Price with taxes included
Personal data

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