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Do you have any questions about the new electricity tariffs? We’ll explain it to you!


The new regulation on electricity tariffs is already in force. The aim of the regulatory change is to accelerate the energy transition, encouraging efficient consumption behaviour with special emphasis on two of the key drivers of this transition: self-consumption and electric mobility.

Do I have to do any paperwork?


You don’t have to worry about ANYTHING. We take care of everything so that you make this transition normally, safely and transparently. We are going to be by your side. Whenever you have questions, you can contact your Energy Agent and our usual channels of contact.


Will I pay more on my bill with the new tariffs?


It will depend on you more than ever. It will be crucial for you to be efficient in your consumption habits, but also in your installation. The best thing to do is to have an Energy Agent who, analysing your case, will propose a personalised solution adapted to your needs. However, it is important that you consider some fundamental aspects:

New billing periods:

This is probably the most important aspect the consumer should take into account. The new regulation establishes three billing periods depending on the time of day: peak (more expensive), flat (average price) and off-peak (cheaper). This price difference has an impact on the part of the bill that does not depend on the retailer, but on the tolls and charges, which are established by the Government and the CNMC. The price, on the part that depends on us, remains the same as you have as per your contract.

And why these hours?


The hours seek to avoid energy production peaks, which force the generation of less clean energy to cover the demand. In other words, they want us to stop consuming energy from the grid, all at once

Moreover, these hours can be an incentive for self-consumption. They establish the most expensive hours at those times when there is more solar production and the panels are more efficient. A self-consumption installation allows you to generate your own energy and not having to rely on the grid. This way, we can cover our consumption needs during the hours when the tariff is more expensive.

Before installing our self-consumption panels, it is important to carry out a proper study to identify our real needs and to accompany them with an adapted installation. The best way to do this is, once again, to call an efficiency expert. Finding the one closest to you is very easy using this map.

What else can I do to be efficient and reduce my bill?


The new regulation also introduces the possibility of contracting two power terms to adapt them to our consumption habits. If, for example, we concentrate the use of electrical appliances at certain times of the day, we can contract a higher power term for those periods of the day and a lower, cheaper one for the rest of the day. Energy monitoring solutions are a very recommendable option to analyse our consumption and choose the power terms that will help us save the most while being efficient.

At this point, some of the main beneficiaries of this measure will be electric vehicle drivers, who will be able to contract a higher power term, just for the period of the day in which they usually charge their batteries.

In short, the new regulation offers us a great opportunity to save, learn to be more efficient and contribute to the achievement of the energy transition. On this path, if we are not professionals, the best advice is to count on experts to guide us through this adaptation, taking into account our personal circumstances.

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