Megawatt Index 2.0TD Rate

Market price

Designed for medium-sized homes with a contracted power of 15 kW or less.

You can save by obtaining your energy at cost price on the wholesale electricity market, to which only the payment of a small remuneration including deviation costs, the energy efficiency fund and the trade margin.

This tariff is perfect for people who want to optimise their consumption to the maximum, taking advantage of the flexibility of their schedules.

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≤ 15kW

Usual contracted power for a home

Energy term

Hourly market price today*
8,35 €/mes* 10,49 €/mes* Remuneration price

Power term

P1 0,069566 €/kW día P1 0,087374 €/kW día P2 0,002654 €/kW día P2 0,003333 €/kW día
Price with taxes included

Benefits of contracting your electricity supply with Feníe Energía

Frequently Asked Questions

What you should have in mind
The sign-up process is very simple. You can sign up online, quickly and securely. All you need is an email and mobile phone number for us to send a link to sign the contract.
Indexed and fixed prices are available.
We have no minimum term of contract.
At no time will you be left without electricity and/or gas. It's just an administrative change.

What data will we ask from you?

  1. The electricity or gas tariff you have selected
  2. Copy of a recent bill
  3. Account holder details: Scanned copy of National Identification Document For company, Tax Identification Code (CIF) and DNI/NIE of legal representative
  4. Mobile number and email address of contact person
  5. Bank details for direct debit payment
  6. Address if different from supply point.

Where can I switch to Feníe Energía?
Send a request by email to
Call us on 900 215 470

The optimum power to be contracted is closely related to the electrical appliances that the customer has in the installation and their consumption habits and is also influenced by the time of year. To do so, do not hesitate to seek advice from your Energy Agent, who will guide you and recommend the best option for you.

The contact details of your Energy Agent are indicated on all your electricity and/or gas bills.

Yes, Feníe Energía is a marketer committed to the environment, which is why it offers its clients the possibility of participating in the energy transition towards a more sustainable model through self-consumption, electric mobility or advice and installation of efficient appliances for homes and business. In addition, our commitment goes further with the construction of new wind and photovoltaic farms that allow us to advance in our objective of investing in renewable energies.

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